Designing the Floor Plan (the first time)

At the moment we have 2 real designs we like and they look like this.

Design 01

Design 01 was obvious in my mind and it happened  without any real thought. We wanted a permanent bed, with storage underneath. The water would go there and a long 7-8ft drawer would pull  out for extra storage. Behind the bed is another storage location for  clothes probably. Next to the bed is a bathroom, with a toilet that  would have storage behind it just like the bed. To get there you’d walk  through the shower. We don’t know that we’ll need one, but better to  have it and not need it than the opposite. 

This became a sore point for this design because some space was being wasted to get access to the  shower/toilet area. That’s why it’s unfinished in the design. 

In front of the bed is a closet, and then a  kitchen with plenty of storage. Across from the kitchen is a garage  since the stairs are huge and just don’t need to be that big. So half  the stairs will be used for storage from outside and in and the other  half or maybe a bit more will be the door. Next to the garage is more  storage with a wood stove on top.

At the front of the bus are 2 couch/benches and  a table. The table, like commonly seen in other buses and RVs, drops  down to make a bed, and ideally drops to the floor so we can still mess  in the doghouse should we have the need.

Not wanting to rest on the first attempt I came up with another design.

Design 02

Design02 has some input from a few family members  after my first attempt at it was a disaster. This design took a lot of  more thinking to get out on “paper”. We really wanted a long table  looking out the window like a few people have done. Incorporating that  into the design was way trickier than we thought and the first few  attempts had no second bed which is requirement for us.

The changes here were turning the bed, which  makes a bit more sense, and we still get to have storage we just lose a  bit of its depth. Now the bed has a shower/toilet, integrated as one, next  to it, which makes more space sense, especially if we only use the shower rarely. Across from that is the closet and next to that a long table  from some live edge tree piece or something. It has a flip up table for  extra surface should we need because why not. This time the the  kitchen in on the other side. About the same setup as before but just a better use of space. Again the wood stove next to that above the garage.

At the front is the same setup as design 01,  because we really do want a cozy couch area and need the extra bed for  friends/family/ my daughter.

Right now Design 02 is probably the one we’ll use, but  I’m sharing them both so you can see the evolution and comment on them. Design 02 just works  better, makes better use of the space, and still has plenty of storage  and usable surfaces.

I’m sure it will change as we go, but that’s what we have for now.

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