No Ceiling and Painted Floors

This last week and weekend saw us keep up the same pace. Things generally went according to plan until we kind of didn’t know what the plan was anymore.

First, my mom finished up the floor. After a bunch of hemming and hawing, we finally decided to just throw the Corroseal on there and see what happens. It worked without issue. The floor was clean since she’d taken an angle grinder to it, so the idea of washing it with soap and water made very little sense to me. In fact that seemed like a great way to introduce moisture to an area that had none. So the Corroseal did its job just as it should without the washing.

After that we put down a coat of Rust-o-leum oil based enamel in yellow. It was just what was available, but it helps to notice what’s there and what’s missing. We did a single coat and stopped there, because we weren’t ready to cover the floors yet and still had other work to do. If we scuffed the paint while working we can deal with it with the second coat.

Amazon dropped off some Butyl Tape and we got to sealing the windows properly and finish painting them. Check these things out now and compare them the original look, this is so much better for so little effort. Highly recommended. Thanks to Meredith and Paco for the idea, which they pulled off equally well on Gus the Struggle Bus.

At this point we had a lot of rain which helped us locate some leaks, and we also got the hose out to test for leaks further. There were many. Mostly around windows like everyone says. While my parents worked on finding and patching these leaks I decided to have another stab at pulling down the ceiling. This time I actually made progress. We got all of the panels down except for the first and last one since they are still trapped behind the AC. The ceiling looks great, tons of insulation and nothing that looks like it leaks. While I was at it I decided to check the back wall, which we’d left alone for some reason.

Good thing we did because this area is a mess. There are a couple square tube “supports” that don’t really hold anything up that are just completely rusted away. Meaning there has to be a leak somewhere. There were many. Not only that, one of the reverse lights was rusted all the way through and complete garbage. So right now there is a giant hole in the back of the bus.

While I was at it here, I decided to get ready for the AC. We got in contact with someone who should be able to come get the Freon on. It shouldn’t cost us anything since we’re offering him a few $100 worth of Freon for the job. After that I got all the panels off where tubing and electrical for the fans and evaporators on the roof were hidden. Right now we have access to everything related to these 2 units and we’re going to try to keep them in good shape in case anyone wants to buy some AC stuff.

That’s about all we got done, so we decide to prep for the next step, by spending a bunch of money on plywood and insulation foam. We settled on 1.5in of foam and 3/4in plywood. This gives us a bit over 6ft floor to ceiling. With the ceiling out we’re debating whether or not to add more insulation there as well. If we do it might just be a small amount like 1/2in or 1in at best. That also means we’d likely need to do a different kind of ceiling than the stock panels, like the ever popular wood ceiling, which we weren’t all that interested in. We don’t hate the idea but we also aren’t obsessed with it, so we’re not sure yet what to do about the ceiling. The walls will get some 1.5in insulation too, because why not, and also because there is a metal lip that sticks out about that much as part of the welded in lower walls. This kind of sucks since we lose about 3 inches side to side. It shouldn’t really affect us too much, hopefully.

Upcoming plans are to get the AC out, 100% seal the bus, put the floor in, then regroup.

Thanks again for reading!

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