Dang Leaks to Heck!

The last three or four weeks have been an absolute nightmare! Leaks, leaks as far as the eye can see!

Dang Leaks to Heck!

The last three or four weeks have been an absolute nightmare!

The weather hasn’t been kind, but we took it in stride. We decided to use the rain and cold to start looking for leaks before doing the floors and walls. We found a ton of them. We may have even made a ton of them ourselves when we redid the windows considering our lack of experience.

We did manage to do what we planned to do however. We got the AC out after a couple weeks of dealing with PitA AC techs that kept trying to rip us off. Some wanted to charge us multiple hundreds to drain the AC claiming various non-sense. Others tried to tell us to commit federal crimes and screw climate change, and just vent it to the atmosphere! They took my mom for a fool, and generally just put up a fight or outright lied to her, not knowing one of her kids is mechanic… Anyway we finally found someone to drain it for free while getting to keep all the Freon for themselves, a good deal considering the value of the stuff.

After that was all over with we took the AC units out. Down came two condensers from the roof, two evaporators from the ceiling, and tons of tubing and wiring. We decided to leave the compressors on there for now since they run on their own belts and we don’t have great access to them at the moment since its park in wet grass. They might just stay there forever honestly, unless someone really wants them. We did try to sell all the parts, since some people really love AC, but we had no takers so after a couple weeks it went to recycling.

Of course with removing the AC we now could take out the last ceiling panels, and the front and back upper wall panels or whatever these are called. The bus is now fully gutted inside.

We followed that will fiberglassing all the big holes left by the AC. There were a few. One in the front floor for the hoses to the engine, and a corresponding one in the back too. There the metal passthrough panels on the roof needed to go as well, since they were leaking. We also removed a set of brackets that held the condensers on the roof. These were also causing leaks. An older set of brackets was there as well, but these didn’t leak and looked like they’d survive longer than the bus, so instead of making more holes, they stayed put.

And yes, we’re keeping that silly light!

Everything that leaks got sealed with Henry’s 212, and when the weather warms up it’ll be coated in Henry DuraBright. So thanks for Henry’s! We’ve still got a few tiny leaks we’re trying to track down before actually building out the inside. The two smaller windows in the back leak and trying to seal them is just not working. We might just take them out and cover the holes with metal. The bed will be there and some of the stuff we’re building might cover them anyway.

So what did we accomplish? Feels like nothing again. It’s taking forever tracking and dealing with these leaks. We know it’ll be worth it in the end, but it’s really demoralizing not making any visible progress. Getting the AC out was nice, since it gave us a small boost or forward momentum. We also addressed a few minor things, like replacing the reverse lights with new sealed LED units, and getting working bulbs all around. Hopefully by next post we’ll be putting down floors and moving forward.

We have a lot of little ideas that need fleshing out by then. Are we going to build out the walls? Build an insulated box around the doghouse? What are we doing for a ceiling? When should we buildout the deck and solar panel mountings? So much to think about!

Thanks for continuing to read. Drop us a comment with some ideas and thoughts!

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