About Us

We are Remy, Breanna, Sif, and Hebe.

We’re adventurers with a need to travel and be outdoors. We have an insatiable curiosity that drives us forward and feeding of passion for learning and experiencing new things and cultures. We’re building this bus so that we can go farther for longer and experience even more. Join us on that adventure!

Remy is from everywhere. He’s traveled since birth and while growing up all over Canada, and the US. As an adult he traveled with the military and on his own to over 50 countries. It’s very fair to say that the wanderlust is simply a part of his existence. He’s a bit of a jack of all trades, having worked in many fields, while specializing in IT. His hobbies include traveling, making, board/video games, and the outdoors. Currently he’s studying for his degree in Wildlife Biology.

Breanna is from a military family that moved around a bit as well. The travel bug got a hold of her relatively early, and shows no signs of slowing. With a few out of country trips under her belt already she plans to catch up to Remy sooner than later! She’s a crafter with a focus of fiber arts and a wild spirit. She’s finally chasing her dream of being a Wildlife Biologist as well.

Sif is the Greatest Dane. She’s an old lady now at 6, but that doesn’t slow her down at all. She’s an adventurer through and through, queen of the woods! She has an inherent distrust of water, but loves wading through rivers for some reason. She’s a lovable couch potato.

Hebe is a 7 year old doxy, a weeny dog. She’s stubborn and distrusts most dogs, due to a traumatic attack from a bigger dog. She’s slowly working on it and becoming more and more social every day. Give her a bit of attention and she’s all yours within seconds though. She loves to adventure too even if she struggles to keep up with Sif. She loves to burrow under blankets and pillows while cuddling.